Is your website lacking a certain something? It’s important to keep up with the latest design trends and technology. Visitors make snap judgements when visiting websites and if you look tired and dated, they’ll think you products or services are too and move on to somewhere else.

Here’s how to look current and credible with a modern, cool looking website:

1. When did you last update your website?

If your website is more that a few years old you could be missing out on either new technologies or design styles. New marketing mediums and technologies come out all the time, and I’m not saying you should use them just for the sake of it, but take advantage of the ones that suit your purposes. It’s probably best to have a review of your website once or twice a year and a complete update every 2 – 3 years.

2. Play where the cool kids play

What features and functions do your prospects use? Take social media for example. There are tribes as yet undiscovered in the Amazon Tain Forest with Facebook profiles (true fact) – but what if your audience is a younger one? Maybe you’d be better off using Snapchat or Instagram. Is your target market strictly business and very corporate? Try LinkedIn. Hang out where your prospects hang out and your will start to catch some of them on your website.

3. Will this help make the experience better?

Don’t use the latest technologies just because they are there. Think about how they support your overall goals and purpose. Does the technology help your target market?

For example:

  • Do you use video on your site? Video is a growing trend and one that many prospects respond to.
  • Are your prospects active on social networking sites? How can you add this behavior to your business model to add value?
  • Can you take advantage of your prospects and visitors to add content to your site?
  • Would a blog help you build or support your brand?
  • Can social bookmarking build your traffic and SEO?

4. Are your graphics, images and colours up to date?

I know trends come and go and fashion is something ‘so ugly it has to be changed every 15 minutes’, but at the same time you are trying to make your business appeal to your prospects. You don’t want to look all ‘fifteen minutes ago’ do you?

I’m not saying you have to throw everything out and start again every 3 months, but incremental changes that keep up with evolving trends can help your site look up to date without destroying your brand. Tweaking the fonts or updating the images can have a dramatic effect – just updating to a more up to date font can make all the difference.

If you haven’t updated your site in a while, take a look at it. See what your competitors are doing and look at what’s appealing to your prospects. A website is a constantly evolving marketing machine and when it’s working correctly can be a massive asset to your business – so don’t leave it on the shelf to go stale just ‘cos it worked 10 years ago!

How cool (or not) is your website?

And no, that isn’t me on the pic.